Metamorfosi (Greek: ΜεταμόρφωσηMetamórfosi, which means "transfiguration"; before 1957: Koukouvaounes (Greek: Κουκουβάουνες, Koukouváounes)) is a suburb in the northern part of the Athens agglomeration, Greece, and a municipality of the Attica region.

Metamorfosi is situated east of the small river Kifisos, 9 km north of Athens city centre. The municipality has an area of 5.502 km2.[3] The built-up area of Metamorfosi is continuous with those of the neighbouring suburbs Lykovrysi, Irakleio and Nea Filadelfeia. Motorway 1 and Motorway 6 intersect in Metamorfosi.

The town is served by a Proastiakos suburban railway station.