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Rafina (Greek: Ραφήνα) is a suburban port town located on the eastern coast of Attica in Greece. It has a population of 13,091 inhabitants (2011 census).

Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Rafina-Pikermi, of which it is the seat and a municipal unit.

The municipal unit has an area of 18.979 km2.

Rafina is a port town serving ferries to the southern part of Euboea as well as most of the Cyclades. Its port is the second largest of Attica, after that of Piraeus, but it will probably be superseded by the one in Lavrio, which is currently being expanded.

In ancient times, Rafina was one of the 100 demes of Athens as defined by Kleisthenes. The municipality was called “Araphen”, after its first ruler, Arafinas, who was one of the 100 heroes of Attica. In the municipality of Arafin, lived one of the ten breeds of Attica. Also, the area near the sea till Artemida, called “Halae Araphenides” is where Orestis and Ifigenia arrived from Tavrida according to the myth.

From later centuries, excavations discovered Roman baths and the remains of a Byzantine Church.