Nea Ionia

Nea Ionia (Greek: Νέα Ιωνία, meaning New Ionia) is a northern suburb of Athens, Greece, and a municipality of the Attica region.

It was named after Ionia, the region in Anatolia from which many Greeks migrated in the 1920s as a part of the Population exchange between Greece and Turkey. Many of the town families originated from the town of Alanya which is currently a part of Turkey.

Nea Ionia is 7 km northeast of Athens city centre. The municipality has an area of 4.421 km2. It is served by three STASY commuter rail stations: Nea Ionia, Pefkakia and Perissos.

In the past, the area was named Podarades after Greek Revolution Hero of Albanian origin Ziliftar Poda and his followers, settled in this area. The modern settlement was built after the Greco-Turkish War (1919-22) and the subsequent population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923. That year refugees, mainly from Pisidia of Asia Minor, settled in the area. The new settlement originally named Nea Pisidia. But later, due to the arrival of many refugees from other places of Ionia, the settlement was finally named Nea Ionia.

The suburb developed rapidly thanks to carpet handicrafts. The refugees carried their expertise in Athens and opened important carpet handicrafts.

 This branch was the main economical source for the residents of Nea Ionia for many years. Nea Ionia gradually increases its population and was expanded in a large area.

The suburb today comprises the districts of 13 neighborhoods: Nea Ionia (Center), Perissos, Inepoli, Pefkakia, Saframpoli, Neapoli, Eleftheroupoli, Alsoupoli, Kalogreza, Lazarou, Anthrakorihia, Irini, Omorfoklissia and Palaiologou.


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