Nea Makri

Nea Makri (Greek: Νέα Μάκρη) is a town in East Attica, Greece. Since the local government reform of 2011, it has been a municipal unit within the municipality of Marathon. The municipal unit has an area of 36.662 km2.

Nea Makri is situated on the coast of the Petalioi Gulf, a gulf of the Aegean Sea, in the easternmost part of the Attica peninsula. It is 7 km north of Rafina, 8 km south of Marathon and 25 km northeast of Athens city center. The municipal unit Nea Makri also contains the village Neos Voutzas, 5 km south of Nea Makri town center. Greek National Road 83 (Athens - Marathon - Rafina) passes through Nea Makri.

Popular locations near Nea Makri include Zoumberi Beach and the Brexiza Wetland. It is widely known and visited due to its beaches and coastline.


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